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The Original Treble Bezels™


For Rickenbacker 4001 and 4003 series players who prefer to play with the treble pickup cover off.
Treat yourself and your RIC to the best, The Original Treble Bezel™ offering from TubeAmpology™, Since 2010.  The Treble Bezels come in 7 unique versions giving you the best ergonomics and cleanest look available.

Chrome Plated - In Standard, Cove or Deluxe.

Injection Molded ABS Plastic, plated in copper, nickel and real chrome, creates a stiff exoskeleton with a brilliant and durable finish.
Black texture - In Standard, Cove or Deluxe....Limited Supply in stock
Injection Molded 30% glass filled nylon is super stiff, with molded in color, will not fade or scratch off.
4001V63/C64 Black texture - In Standard only.

Installation of the Treble Bezel maintains the factory pickup height adjustment feature.

No modifications to the bass are required.

  All  Treble Bezels are 100% inspected, numbered and dated.
   Made in the U.S.A with a lifetime warranty.

And as always, FREE SHIPPING within USA via USPS First Class Package.

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There's a perfect bezel for every player.

“Holy cow! That is all I can say. How a simple little piece of plastic can prove it’s $40 sticker price is amazing! The trebel bezel I ordered from you for my Ric 4003 has made a beautiful and special instrument even more playable and fun. Brilliant idea makes for a brilliant product. I have told all my 4001/4003 owner friends about it on TalkBass.com.
— Pete U.S.A.

The bezel showed up today and I’ve installed it on my brand new Ric 4003.
It fits perfectly and the thumbrest is exactly where I would put it myself. It makes me enjoy this bass even more.
Thanks for the fast shipping and especially the excellent product! It came highly recommended at Talkbass.com and Rickresource.com, and lives up to everything I heard and more.
— Thanks Again! Dave, KY U.S.A

Just wanted to let you know the treble bezel showed up at my place on Friday - I installed it Friday night amazingly easy to do and so happy with the end result. thank you so much for all of your assistance, great customer service and for developing a product that really makes a difference
— Grant, Canada
I just thought I’d let you know that I am well impressed with the bezel.
The fit is excellent and, although I am tending to play with my thumb resting closer to the pick-up than actually in the cove, it does stop me worrying about damaging the coil with my thumb. It looks the part too - top stuff. If I had another Rick then I’d buy another one!
Happy New Year.
— Cheers,Eric. Australia"

Installation Instructions


This is how the Treble Bezel needs to fit into the stock chrome surround.This is what the assembly should look like before it's screwed to the pickup. Use the factory screws and springs.No additional parts are needed to install the Treble Bezel.

Note that the position of the springs is in opposite order compared to the factory pickup cover.The spring pressure now pushes the Bezel up into the stock chrome surround.


Don't forget that ground wire!!! This is how it should look as the new assembly is screwed to the pickup base.


4001V63/C64 Treble Bezels

These bezels are not available as Cove or Deluxe versions due to the limited space available with the larger horseshoe pickup.

Installation of the bezel itself is identical to the 4001 and 4003 series bezels except for the additional instructions stated regarding the horseshoe pickup assembly.

The 4001V63/C64 bezels are sold as a kit with a pair of ABS washers included to be installed in place of the horseshoe. Between the pickup magnet and pickup base. This allows the full range of factory pickup height adjustment. 

The 4001V63C64 Treble Bezels are CNC machined out of high strength black ABS plastic. All 4001V63C64 Treble Bezels are hand finished, dated and numbered. Made in the U.S.A.